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Phenolic sports furniture has been featured many times in this blog. Cabins, lockers, benches, countertops and screens made with phenolic panel by Spigocompac, the Spigogroup division which manufactures phenolic sports furniture, have starred in different articles which highlight their advantages, uses and finish options provided for in our catalogue.

Now we bring them all together for those who wish to know a little more about phenolic sports furniture which is commonly used in community service buildings and sports facilities. Here are our 14 posts on phenolic sports furniture:


14 articles on phenolic sports furniture1.- What are phenolic booths? And phenolic lockers?

2.- Equipment for sports buildings made with phenolic panel

3.- What is the phenolic panel? What are phenolic boards used fort?

4.- Spigocompac Phenolic lockers – Types and Technical Specifications

5.- Phenolic benches for locker rooms. What are they? What are they for?

6.- Urinary partitions: everything you always wanted to know about them and were afraid to ask

7.- Spigocompac Phenolic Booths - Types and Technical Specifications

8.- Phenolic lockers and phenolic booths, perfect for sports facilities

9.- Phenolic booths and phenolic lockers for hospitals and health centres

10.- Phenolic lockers and phenolic booths and other furniture manufactured with phenolic panel

11.- 10 advantages of phenolic booths and phenolic lockers

12.- Made-to-measure furniture made with phenolic panels or phenolic boards

13.- The use of phenolic panel, and phenolic boards in educational facilities

14.- Phenolic tops to complement phenolic partitions and phenolic cabins


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