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There are many actions that a technical carpentry such as Spigogroup can carry out in a hotel. In the previous post, we mentioned 4 jobs, and here we continue the up to the 18 actions that Spigogroup can perform in a hotel. Wood projects


5. Acoustic panels on wood walls, and acoustic ceilings in dining rooms, auditoriums, and public areas.

6. Technical doors that are isophonic to help the soundproofing of some rooms.

7. Wood panelling for corridors, dining rooms and other rooms

8. Technical doors that provide a firewall function that will allow them to minimize the risks of fire.

9. Fitted wardrobes and made-to-measure furniture for each one of the rooms of the hotel

10. Installation of a false ceiling throughout the establishment to hide or to integrate lighting, electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning ducts, smoke and fire-fighting systems, smoke sensors, ventilation grilles, etc., and also to help in soundproofing rooms.

11. Interior doors and wood doors for offices, rooms and suites.

12. Wood bathroom furniture in guest rooms

13. Wood walls and inner linings made of wood for homes, offices and public buildings

14. Platforms for corridors, dining rooms and halls.

15. Design ceilings and special wall covering for better rooms and suites.

16. Screens and wood walls that can be moved for multi-purpose spaces.

17. Benches, showcases, exhibitors and made-to-measure furniture for waiting rooms, corridors and common areas.

18. Installation of acoustic panels made of sound-absorbent wood that are hung like pictures for quick, easy acoustic conditioning of rooms.


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