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In 2015, we will again be talking of acoustic conditioning with acoustic panels made of sound-absorbent wood in auditoriums and other buildings.

And we will also tell you about the new wood projects in which we are to participate. Wood projects of the type we really like: impressive design ceilings and wood walls with some special wood panelling of the type that draw the attention of technical carpentry professionals, like Spigogroup, but also of users less versed in these works.

Now that we have returned from the Christmas break, with a new purpose and renewed strength, we face this new year with very interesting major projects in distant lands. Want to know more?

In December we received a visit from an important client in India. Spigogroup and his company have been working for many years in difficult to access markets, achieving participation in major wood projects. The meeting served to set down the basis for cooperation to tackle different pioneering projects in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, and we outlined a first schedule of commercial expeditions to the area.

Also in late 2014, we signed an agreement with a distributor in the Middle East for Spigogroup to participate in the construction of a large auditorium that is to have the second largest dome in the world. This involves highly specialised acoustic conditioning with acoustic panels placed at different angles and a high level of technical complexity.

As you can see, 2015 is looking very interesting.

We will keep you informed.


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