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12 books on acoustic conditioning, acoustic design and architectural acoustics that you mustn’t miss

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Acoustic conditioning of spaces and architectural acoustics have acquired great importance in recent years. Studies and projects which used to be reserved for buildings devoted to listening to music such as opera houses, theatres and auditoriums, are currently also applied to meeting rooms, offices, dining rooms, classrooms and common areas in many different architectural projects. If you are an architect, designer, engineer or builder, you no doubt already know what acoustic conditioning of spaces and architectural acoustics are all about, but if you want to expand your knowledge, you will probably enjoy taking a look at this selection of 12 books on acoustic conditioning, acoustic design and architectural acoustics: . 1.- “Diseño acústico de espacios arquitectónicos” Carrión, A.. Ediciones UPC, Barcelona, 1998 - Buy / PDF . . 2.- “Acústica arquitectónica aplicada” Recuero López, Manuel. Paraninfo, Madrid, 2000 - Buy . . 3.- “ABC de la Acústica Arquitectónica” Arau, Higini. CEAC, 1999 - Buy . . 4.- “Acoustics and the performance of music” Meyer, Jurgen. Verlag das Musikinstrument, Frankfurt am Main, 1978 - Buy . . 5.- “Architectural Acoustics” Egan, M. David. McGraw Hill, New York (etc.), 1988 - Buy . . 6.- “Architectural Acoustics” Ando, Yoichi. Spinger, New York, 1998 - Buy . . ... and more books on acoustic conditioning... . 7.- “Room Acoustics” Kuttruff, Heinrich. Routledge mot E F & N Spon; 4th edition, 2000P - Buy / PDF . . . . 8.- “Architectural Acoustics Design Guide” Cowan, James P. (Editor), Acentech. McGraw-Hill Professional, 2000 - Buy . . 9.- “Basic Home Studio Design” White, Paul (Editor). Sanctuary Press, 2000 - Buy . . 10.- “Architectural Acoustics” Brooks, Christopher N. McFarland & Company, 2002 - Buy . . . 11.- “Concert Halls and Opera Houses: Music, Acoustics, and Architecture” Beranek, Leo. Springer Verlag, 2nd edition 200 - Buy . . 12.- “How to Build A Small Budget Recording Studio From Scratch: With 12 Tested Designs” Shea, Mike. McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics, 3rd edition 2002 - Buy . If you liked this post, you may also be interested in: - The importance of acoustic conditioning in an office environment using sound-absorbent Wood - What is soundproofing? What is acoustic conditioning? Is it the same? - Acoustic conditioning with sound-absorbent wood panels that are hung like paintings - Using wood acoustic panels for acoustic conditioning in theatres, auditoriums and concert halls

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10 offices you wouldn't returning to after your holiday

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Clearly, the inner linings in offices often determine the look of the workplace and make it more enjoyable for visitors and for those who work there every day. If your holidays are over and you hate your workplace because it is ugly as sin or if your stomach churns every time you think of being locked in between the four walls of your office, practice or study, Then take a look at these 10 offices or work centres where we made our own humble contribution one day (wood ceilings, inner linings, etc.) to turn them into nice places where, maybe, and only maybe, you may not mind returning after your holidays. . OAMI European Agency in Alicante (Alicante) . Autodesk (Barcelona) . . Loyens Loeff (Londres) . . Laboratory Cinfa (Huarte Pamplona) . . The Construction Labour Foundation (Logroño) . . Visesa (Vitoria) . . Betsson Group (Ta ‘Xbiex - Malta) . . Tracasa (Pamplona) . . The Footwear Technology Centre (Arnedo) . . Berriozar City Hall (Berriozar) . .   If you liked this post, you may also be interested in:   - The use of wood in the work of Alejandro Aravena – 2016 Pritzker Prize - The need for acoustic conditioning with inner linings made with wood panels in libraries, museums, and cultural centres - Wood and architecture in Paris: wood panels, inner linings, wood slats, and more - The use of wood slats in inner linings and wood ceilings  

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