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The most resistant school sports furniture is phenolic furniture

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Ultra-resistant school sports furniture is not the whim of those who want the best material for their school but a need that everyone can meet today. Furniture in schools has always been particularly hard and resistant. Chairs and desks are the best example of furniture tortured on a daily basis by boys and girls who, on many occasions, passed the course and changed classrooms, leaving their place to a substitute with new strength and ideas to test the hardness of the assigned piece of furniture. Later, when schools were fitted with sports facilities with changing rooms, the history of abuse was repeated again with cubicle doors, benches and lockers. The materials gradually changed and wood gave way to metal, perhaps somewhat more resistant but, in the long run, also easy to deteriorate from humidity and daily use, and also more dangerous from the point of view of accidents. But then came the most resistant material of all, phenolic panel, and we began to see school sports furniture made with phenolic panel. Phenolic lockers, phenolic cabins, phenolic benches came to stay, and today they are the key elements in changing rooms and toilet areas in schools around the world. Its non-porous surface is easy to clean and its particular resistance to humidity, wear and impact make phenolic furniture the perfect choice for school sports furniture. If you want to know more about phenolic school sports furniture, make sure to visit the website of Spigocompac, the Spigogroup division which manufactures phenolic furniture.     If you liked this post about school sports furniture, you may also be interested in:   - Where to buy sports furniture for swimming pools? - 14 articles on phenolic sports furniture: cabins, lockers, benches… - Phenolic cabins for changing rooms - Finishes and complements - Sanitary cubicles, changing cubicles and phenolic cabins for schools, universities and colleges
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8 Spectacular wood design ceilings that will not leave you indifferent

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The preparation and installation of wood design ceilings in buildings is very old. Clearly, if wood was the first of building materials, it was also the first with which design ceilings were built. The function of wood design ceilings has always been to amaze and move the visitors to the room where they are installed, highlighting the importance of the activities that take place in it. Also, wood design ceilings have been symbol of opulence and power of kings, emperors, religions and corporations; those able to afford to commission them to dazzle their guests. Before, wood design ceilings were found in temples, libraries or palaces, but now we can also see them in the halls and auditoriums of hotels and institutional buildings. As specialists in wood ceilings we have been able to participate in the construction of wonderful wood design ceilings, but we never cease to be amazed by and value other works that we know. Here we bring you a small selection of 8 wood design ceilings that look really incredible. . Building of the National Assembly for Wales in Cardiff (United Kingdom)   This work of the British architect Richard Rogers was built as a symbol of the country and a metaphor of confidence towards the future and is one of the clearest examples of the aesthetic capacity of a wood design ceilings. Information and photos from .       . . The Long Room of the Trinity College Library in Dublin (Ireland)   The main hall of Ireland's most important library, dating back to the early 18th century, also has a really impressive wood vault. Information and photos by David Iliff from . . . . . La Rioja Building Labour Foundation in Logroño (Spain)   One of the most daring design ceilings in which Spigogroup has participated, with a curved wood design and joining the wall with wood panelling with a cherry finish.   More information at “Spectacular wood panelling on the interior of the La Rioja Building Labour Foundation” .   . . Ippudo Restaurant in Sydney (Australia)   Another example of curved wood design ceilings by Koichi Takada Architects. Information and photos by Sharrin Rees from .       . . . Saudi Press Agency in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) One of the most spectacular design ceilings, made with Spigotec wood panel from Spigogroup, forming geometric compositions in the shape of a prism. More information at “Interior wood panelling in the spectacular Auditorium of the Saudi Press Agency in Riyadh” .   . . Hotel Hotel in Canberra (Australia)   Wood design ceilings can also be constructed with suspended wood boards, wood strips and wood slats, like this wonderful piece by March Studio. Photographs by John Gollings and Peter Bennets courtesy of March Studio More information at “The beauty of the suspended boards and wood slats on ceilings and walls at the lobby of the Hotel Hotel in Canberra, ACT, Australia" .     . . Summer Palace in Beijing (China)   Ancient polychrome wood in one of the hundreds of amazing corners of the Beijing Summer Palace. Photos from   .   .. . . Beitou Library in Taipei (Taiwan)   One of many design ceilings that, in addition, are environmentally friendly. This ceiling collects moisture and rain and then recycles it for bathrooms and gardens. Photos from usuario de Flickr JAQ es PhotoStorage .     . If you liked this post about wood design ceilings, you may also be interested in: . - Wood and architecture in London: façades with wood slats, design ceilings, exterior wood panelling, wood panels, and much more - The wood design ceilings of Alvar Aalto - Wood panelling and wood technical doors in the Irabia-Izaga School - Design ceilings with wood slats for the offices of Autodesk in Barcelona
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Acoustic panels in the auditorium of the Qatari Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning

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At the moment there is no construction or renovation work in the world of auditorium or assembly halls that does not include the installation of cladding to improve acoustics. The use of acoustic panels in auditoriums in any public, educational or cultural building guarantees that any theatrical text or speech that is issued from the stage will reach the ears of attendees under the best acoustic conditions. In addition, if acoustic panels with wood finishes are selected, there is an added elegance and distinction to the project. Qatar is a country that is continuously improving its infrastructures and initiating new architectural projects. So it seemed logical that, by the end of 2015, the Qatari Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, located in the capital of the country, Doha, would like to equip its new auditorium with the best acoustics. At the end of the day, the room will witness, on many occasions, the presentation to the world of the city’s major urban development projects and good acoustics is a valuable asset for the audience. They contacted Spigogroup. The request was clear: acoustic panels in the auditorium of the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning in Qatar. We prepared and shipped 240 m² of Spigoacustic acoustic panels model 42-16-16 with melamine cherry finish, 170 m² of Spigoacustic acoustic panels model 42-NO-16 also finished with cherry melamine and 290 m² of Spigoacustic acoustic panels model 42- 16-16 with maple melamine finish. The painstaking, elegant installation of the acoustic panels in the auditorium, carried out by our local Spigo-partner in Qatar, is noteworthy, with curved details on the stage, accurate corners and walls alternating acoustic models and decorative models with an extraordinary aesthetic result.   . If you liked this post about acoustic panels in the auditorium, you may also be interested in: . - Acoustic panels for auditoriums: the Disney Film Room at the Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid - Spigogroup launches its factory outlet of wood acoustic panels - Decorative acoustic panels for offices and surgeries - Using absorbent acoustic panels can improve the look of your Project
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New Spigogroup wood solutions catalogues

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Spigogroup's construction elements catalogues and Spigogroup's wood solutions catalogues have always stood out for being a very useful tool when developing an architectural or decorative project. So, when we started the process of renewing the catalogues of the Spigotec, Spigoacustic, Spigoline, Spigocompac and Spigodoor divisions, we knew that improving them was a major challenge. A few weeks ago we anticipated the availability of the new Spigogroup construction elements catalogues and wood solutions catalogues with their online version. Now we have them in hard copy, available to all those who request them. Yes, we have tried and we believe that we have managed to improve them and produce some catalogues that, in addition to being visually very attractive, they also provide a lot of useful information. The new Spigogroup catalogues offer two very clear reading levels. To begin with we can discover a first reading level, which is very visual, employing photographs and illustrations of products and the work done on some projects. It is easy to see what each family of Spigogroup products can offer providing inspiration on all the options available to give a Special touch to our project. A second reading level offers all the technical data that engineers, architects or developers may need: dimensions, weights, materials, noise absorption coefficients, fire protection levels, finishes, etc. Spigogroup's new catalogues of construction elements and wood solutions (Spigotec, Spigoacustic, Spigoline, Spigocompac and Spigodoor) also come together in a convenient, elegant box so they can be easily stored and kept handy for when you need them. . If you liked this post about construction elements catalogues, you may also be interested in: . - How to reduce or eliminate echo in a room? Acoustic conditioning in rooms - Spigogroup acoustic engineering materials - Summary of the latest Spigogroup wood décor and acoustic conditioning projects in 15 pictures - Where to buy sports furniture for swimming pools?
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