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Acoustic panels in Al Dahil residential complex, Doha, Qatar

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This is not the first time we have supplied acoustic panels in Qatar. In this blog we have talked about some of these projects. You can check the posts “Wood acoustic panelling for Qatar auditoriums: the case of Doha Modern Indian School”, “The acoustic conditioning of the Qatar Development Bank - QDB” y “Acoustic panels in the auditorium of the Qatari Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning”. Today, we bring another case. Again, it is an auditorium where, to assure the best acoustics, they installed Spigogroup acoustic panels. The project featured in the pictures of this post is the auditorium of a giant residential complex that The Internal Security Force (ISF) is building in Al Dahil, on the outskirts of Doha, the capital of Qatar. The complex has a total area of four million square metres and will include 330 residential buildings for more than 17,000 people, in addition to a five-star hotel, a stadium for 10,000 people, a hospital and extensive green areas. For this project we manufactured and supplied Spigotec Leo model 16 acoustic panels with a bespoke 3 mm diameter hole (the standard diameter of this model is 16 mm), finished in oak melamine. Those responsible for the project opted for wood panelling with a touch of originality in the design, breaking the usual horizontality of this type of installation with the inclusion of star-shaped compositions employing combinations of greys. If you would to know more about our servicing of acoustic panels in Qatar please contact us at                 . If you liked this post about acoustic panels in Qatar, you may also be interested in: . - Using wood acoustic panels for acoustic conditioning in theatres, auditoriums and concert halls - Why use wood ceilings in auditoriums and theatres? - Wood panelling and acoustic conditioning in the Logroño Auditorium - Wood acoustic ceilings and acoustic panels: How does sound absorption work?
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Office ceiling tiles: wood and sound-absorbent is better

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Tracasa Offices Among the office ceiling tiles on the market you can find hundreds of options, many of them very economical, that may look acceptable but with doubtful results in the long run. So, when we talk about choosing your office ceiling tiles, our recommendation is, without a doubt, to look for quality. At Spigogroup we recommend that you use wood as the main material for office ceilings. Aesthetically, it is tremendously versatile. If you choose natural wood finishes, you will find warm, elegant choices, compatible with any decorative style, that will never go out of fashion. If your corporate style manual requires specific colours or textures, we can also achieve this with lacquer finishes or high pressure laminate (HPL) veneer. Another wise decision is to take advantage of the opportunity to improve the acoustics of the workplace by opting for office ceiling tiles which are also sound-absorbent. We are talking about those ceilings that have slots or perforations and allow for the acoustic conditioning of a space. Today, more than ever, comfort at work is the key to achieving the performance expected from increasingly better selected work teams. Design, ergonomics, thermal conditioning and acoustic comfort are the hallmarks of new offices. At Spigogroup, you have hundreds of different combinations of sound-absorbent wood panels and tiles of the highest quality. Just visit the Spigoacustic and Spigotec catalogues and choose the model that best suits the needs of our project. These are some examples of office projects that decided to go for wood and improved acoustics.   Tracasa Offices   Fundación Laboral de la Construcción de La Rioja Offices   Laboratorios Cinfa Offices   Visesa Offices   Tax Delegation in Tenerife Offices . If you liked this post about office ceiling tiles, you may also be interested in: . - Colour interior panelling, what does each colour mean? - 25 articles about designing and decorating offices with wood - The 7 main features that a wood false ceiling tile can have - The role of wood in green offices    
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Installing decorative panels with Spigoplank

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Installing decorative panels is easier than you might think, particularly if you use Spigoplank wood panels. Any professional or handyman can do it with common tools. In fact, we are convinced that easy assembly is one of the reasons why this type of wood panelling has been so successful among architects and decorators since it was launched on the market a few months ago. Below we tell you how to do it. Spigoplank is very versatile cladding. Spigoplank panels are used for interior cladding on walls and ceilings, but they can also be used outdoors or to cover furniture or other surfaces. On walls and ceilings, where the cladding serves to conceal insulation, it is installed using a system of wood battens and nails. This system consists of nailing the panels to battens that are previously fitted on the wall or ceiling. When installing the battens, make sure they are level, both vertically and horizontally. The battens should be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the panels. We recommend using battens at least 30 mm thick. Avoid low density chipboard, to ensure the nails cannot be pulled out, separating the panels from the battens. It is also advisable to fill the space between battens with some sort of insulation. Finally, at Spigogroup we always remind you that all assembly tasks should be carried out with the relevant personal protection equipment, with CE markings and according to manufacturer instructions. Do you want more information? Write to us at       . If you liked this post about installing decorative panels, you may also be interested in: . - Spigoplank decorative wood cladding - Two types of wood ceiling cladding that will improve the acoustics of your Project - The wood of Spigoplank decorative panels for walls and ceilings - Colour interior panelling, what does each colour mean?
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Wood slats in schools: the case of Centro de Estudios Garrigues

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Today we bring one of the most resounding success stories in the use of wood slats in schools. Just a glance at the photograph at the top of this text and those that follow a little further down shows the breadth of perspective, the warm atmosphere and the modern and elegant ambience that was achieved in this project. What we see are the new offices of the Centro de Estudios Garrigues, a benchmark law & business school with ties to the renowned Garrigues law firm, which was set up in Madrid in 1994. The key to the whole decorative project was, without a doubt, to showcase the prestige of the brand. The Spigoline wood ceilings and walls made their small contribution to this goal. Of the almost 40 options offered in the Spigoline catalogue, Grid System model 5-15-70-55 was chosen. It consists of solid wood slats with a rectangular cross section that are placed parallel to each other and joined by 12 mm diameter wood rods. Nearly 200 m² were manufactured in solid PSM R12354 stained obeche wood, to which a flame-retardant fireproof treatment was applied by means of the surface application of a varnish with bs2, d0 classification under the UNE EN 1350-1:02 standard. The installation features T15 fastening clips, and the downlights are embedded in the design ceilings superbly, appearing to be just another slat and creating a spectacular optical effect.               . If you liked this post about wood slats in schools, you may also be interested in: . - Wood slats, cladding and doors for wineries: the case of Zinio Bodegas Patrocinio - 5 Reasons to install Spigoline solid wood slats - Wood in shop decoration: the Mikonos case - Improve acoustics and eliminate annoying noise in restaurants, bars and hotels  
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