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The terrible 2020 in 25 posts on acoustics and decorative wood projects

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We haven't stopped. In spite of everything that has happened throughout this year, this blog has faithfully continued with its weekly publication of posts on acoustics and decorative wood projects. Of course, we have had to take on board the new developments that the new pandemic situation has brought us. Therefore, we have not only written about acoustic panels, wood slats or acoustic conditioning, but we have also dealt with issues such as hygiene or teleworking. In addition, we have presented new products and shown some of our latest work. These are the top 25 posts on acoustics and decorative wood projects in 2020. . . Adjusting to the new normal - How does wood decoration and interior design affect us? - Post Covid-19 Acoustics: masks, social distancing and acoustic conditioning - The role of phenolic cabins for companies in the new health and safety regulations - Teleworking in architecture in the time of COVID-19 coronavirus: 5 guidelines - Acoustics in coworking spaces - Hospital architecture and wood - School lockers are more necessary than ever - Improve acoustics and eliminate annoying noise in restaurants, bars and hotels - For a good cleaning of sports furniture and changing rooms, does it matter what material they are made of? - Spigogroup joins the EActivate movement - Advantages of false ceilings that are still true with the new normal     Spigoplank - 5 occasions when Spigoplank is your wood panelling of choice - Installing decorative panels with Spigoplank - The wood of Spigoplank decorative panels for walls and ceilings - Spigoplank decorative wood cladding     2020 projetcs - Blue lacquered wood decorative cladding in The Sacred Auditorium - Wood in shop decoration: the Mikonos case - Wood slats in schools: the case of Centro de Estudios Garrigues - Wood slats, cladding and doors for wineries: the case of Zinio Bodegas Patrocinio - Veneer and technical doors at the new Logroño Nursing School - The wood slat ceilings for offices in the Alava Medical Association - Wood soundproofing materials to finish off a good Project - Acoustic panels in Al Dahil residential complex, Doha, Qatar - Wood slat cladding for restaurants: the Kavanova restaurant case - Wood ceilings for museums: the Hall of Mayors of Bilbao City Hall   . .
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Nothing can take Christmas away

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What a tough year! We don't need to explain it to you. If there is one thing that distinguishes this virus that has plagued us since March, it is that it is global and affects us all without distinction of country, class, race, gender or age. Nor has it managed to differentiate between important and unimportant dates. It has taken away parties, weddings, anniversaries, concerts, trips, professional appointments, sports events… and now it threatens Christmas celebrations as well. But, it’s not going to succeed. Nothing can take Christmas away. Even if we have to reduce visits to family and friends, keep social distancing and take extreme precautions, Christmas will continue to shine in our hearts, transforming us, making us better. This year, in addition to suffering for our health and that of our loved ones, and dealing with job and professional uncertainty, we have learned a lot of new words. Words that we would like, at least for a moment, to exchange for others. That's why we're going to replace the terms pandemic, virus, lockdown and PCR with terms like Christmas pudding, joy, decorations and carols. We'll trade the ambulances for sleds and reindeer, and the ICUs for fireplaces. Instead of counting infections, we will count down to midnight, and replace white coats with red suits. This year, with more enthusiasm than ever, we will raise our glasses and toast to life and to our loved ones. We will also toast to the jobs and new projects that are yet to arrive. And we will dedicate one last second of recognition to health workers and security forces and those who have taken care of us in recent months. At Spigogroup, we wish you all a Merry 2020 Christmas.
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No, teleworking will not last forever. We will go back to our offices and we have to prepare them

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The experts are clear: teleworking will not last forever, we will return to the office. It is true that everything will be different, but we have to be prepared. Now is the time to start improving the distribution, lighting, ventilation and acoustic conditioning of workplaces and offices. Teleworking has shown its virtues: It helps reconcile, eliminates commute time, improves productivity, and reduces some business costs. But not all that glitters is gold. During these months of pandemic and lockdowns we have also learned about some of the disadvantages of teleworking. Individually, we have discovered the difficulties arising from a lack of organization and confidence, and from separating work time from personal time. We have faced mental disorientation, a lack of concentration, and anxiety or depression disorders caused by isolation and loneliness. Companies have found that leaving your home and seeing your colleagues reinforces the feeling of belonging to the group. On the other hand, the absence of direct interaction with people penalizes innovation and creativity, complicates team tasks and makes it difficult to transfer knowledge to new employees. Long ago, large companies, particularly technology companies, opted for teleworking but later decided to return to the office. Perhaps not as before, but in mixed models that assure regrouping and interaction between employees. Teleworking will not prevail unless it is alternated with face-to-face sessions in offices. We will continue to need acoustic panels and acoustic solutions to provide ourselves with spaces that have a comfortable sound and allow us to meet and work as a team. If you liked this post about acoustic conditioning of workplaces, you may also be interested in: . - Acoustics in coworking spaces - 25 articles about designing and decorating offices with wood - 8 Spaces where sound-absorbent wood tiles should be used - How does wood decoration and interior design affect us?
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5 occasions when Spigoplank is your wood panelling of choice

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To install wood panelling, no reasons other than aesthetic ones are needed. Wood panelling has a value in itself because of the material it is made of. Wood brings warmth and elegance to walls and ceilings, and adapts to any design or style we want for a space, from the most traditional to the most modern and avant-garde. But some wood panelling solutions, like Spigoplank wood decorative panels, stand out for a number of virtues that make them ideal for use on certain occasions. For example: 1.- Spigoplank panels are an ideal cladding for walls and ceilings. They are designed and have installation systems specifically for these purposes. 2.- They are also very useful when we need to hide insulation on walls and ceilings, radically transforming visually unacceptable areas into beautiful decorative spaces. 3.- This is also the case with "hard" concrete spaces or other cold surfaces where a wood panelling provides warmth and helps to build cosy settings. 4.- They are also a very good option when a quick installation without too much work is required. See "Installing decorative panels with Spigoplank" 5.- They can also be used out of doors as well. If, during the course of designing your project, some of these situations turn up and you need a quick and simple solution in quality wood cladding, write to us at We will be delighted to help you.   .   If you liked this post about install wood panelling, you may also be interested in: . - Improve the acoustics using wood slats - Wood in shop decoration: the Mikonos case - The wood of Spigoplank decorative panels for walls and ceilings - Spigoplank decorative wood cladding
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