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4 options of wood panels for interior walls Which would you choose?

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Your client has expressed a preference for interior wall wood panels in their project. What are your options? Spigogroup is a brand specialising in the manufacture of decorative and sound-absorbent wood cladding and wood panels that can offer the ideal wood solution for every project. These are the four best proposals that you can offer your client.   Spigotec wood acoustic panels. They are wood panels with great sound absorption which can be installed on both walls and ceilings (with different mounting systems). There is a complete catalogue with different levels of sound absorption and also a smooth model without perforations. There is a choice of melamine, natural wood, lacquered or HPL finishes.   FURTHER INFORMATION - DOWNLOAD CATALOGUE - MODEL DATA SHEETS     Spigoacustic wood cladding. These are grooved wood cladding solutions with different sound-absorbent perforations. There are also dozens of models (one is smooth) and finish options similar to those of the Spigotec brand.   FURTHER INFORMATION - DOWNLOAD CATALOGUE - MODEL DATA SHEETS     Spigoplank decorative wood panels. These are decorative coverings made of solid obeche wood for walls, ceilings or even furniture. The brand has four models with different three-dimensional surfaces with sound reflective and diffusing effects.   FURTHER INFORMATION       Spigoline solid wood slat panels. This is one of our most elegant and popular options. The decorative power of parallel wood slats cladding is enormous. The brand has three lines (Grid, Acoustic or Linear) manufactured in obeche wood with natural finishes, wood tones or RAL colours.   FURTHER INFORMATION - DOWNLOAD CATALOGUE - MODEL DATA SHEETS   . If you liked this post about wood panels for interior walls, you may also be interested in: . - Benefits of natural wood acoustic tiles for walls and ceilings - Installing decorative panels with Spigoplank - 5 Reasons to install Spigoline solid wood slats - Entrance lobby renovation: how to improve aspect and acoustics in one step  
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Spigoline wood slats for the new Rabat bus station

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We have been serving wood slats cladding in Morocco for a long time. Our neighbour’s economy has boomed in recent years and this, together with the Morocco’s geostrategic importance for Europe have led to major building and architectural projects. Today we bring one of these emblematic projects. It is the new bus station in Rabat, the political capital of Morocco. The design of the new building was entrusted to the well-known Moroccan architect Fikri Benabdallah, who also designed the Nejjarine Museum of Art and Wood Crafts in Fez. The station, designed to decongest the city's growing traffic and reduce its pollution rate, has a total roof area of 21,617 m² and 46 bus bays. For the interior of the atrium, the architect wanted to find solid wood cladding which would bring colour and elegance and convey the warmth and friendliness that the city offers to arriving travellers. Spigoline solid wood slatted cladding offered the aesthetics and functionality to meet these wishes, and we were commissioned to manufacture 3500 m² of Spigoline Grid 4-30-70-55 in solid obeche wood, PSM R12509 finish. The building, with its semi-circular section, allows us to show the versatility of our Spigoline installation system, able to adapt to curved surfaces. We sent the wood slats to Rabat and now they look incredible, engaging in the play of light and shadow of the station’s breathtaking wood slat vault. Spigogroup has scheduled new shipments of acoustic panels and wood slatted cladding to Morocco. Would you like us to help you with your project? Write to us at                     . If you liked this post about wood slats cladding in Morocco, you may also be interested in: . - Acoustic panels in Al Dahil residential complex, Doha, Qatar - Wood slats in schools: the case of Centro de Estudios Garrigues - Wood slats, cladding and doors for wineries: the case of Zinio Bodegas Patrocinio - 5 Reasons to install Spigoline solid wood slat  
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Colour acoustic panels and 2021 Colour of the Year

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Colour acoustic panels are nothing new. The main drivers of their use were commercial brands looking for sound-absorbent panels that, in addition to ensuring acoustic comfort for customers and employees, would participate in the aesthetic and visual ensemble of their establishments. While the main reason for using colour acoustic panels was marketing, later, it was fashion and trends. Fashion is the sum of aesthetic norms, based on tastes, uses and customs, which globally affects dressing and decorating during a certain period of time. At Pantone they know all about it. Pantone is an American company that created a system for identifying, comparing and communicating colour. Every year they identify what, according to them, will be the colour of the year. The 2021 Colour of the Year is a combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Grey and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. Ultimate Grey is the colour of pebbles on the beach and evokes solidity and reliability, the ability to withstand the test of time. Illuminating is a bright, cheerful yellow that produces liveliness and effervescence. The combination of the two conveys a solid yet warm and optimistic feeling. It offers us resilience and hope, two of the words that will undoubtedly describe the year we have just started. Does your project need acoustic panels with your corporate colour or a trending colour? At Spigogroup we manufacture sound-absorbent wood panels finished in the colour of your choice from RAL, PANTONE or NCS charts. Write us about your needs     . If you liked this post about colour acoustic panels, you may also be interested in: . - Colour interior panelling, what does each colour mean? - Colour acoustic panels for decorative projects in shops - Wood in shop decoration: the Mikonos case - How does wood decoration and interior design affect us?    
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Spigogroup shortens lead times for its Spigoline solid wood slats

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At Spigogroup, we know that the only way of ensuring a project is properly managed is by meeting lead time and price commitments. Our constant efforts aimed at innovating and improving our production processes have made it possible for us to announce today that we have managed to halve the lead times for solid wood slats (ex-works delivery) for the most sought after models in our catalogue. One of the reasons why so many architectural studios and construction companies recommend Spigogroup is because we are manufacturers and can rapidly supply any model in our catalogue in any of its finish options. Moreover, by handling each order in a unique, independent way, we can deal with any variation or change request, even out of catalogue. Being a manufacturer is precisely what has enabled us to reduce the standard production times of open panels with solid wood slats in the Spigoline Grid range. Therefore:   Lead times for models with standard or B-s2,d0 fire-resistant varnish, have dropped from 4-5 weeks to 2-3 weeks. Lead times for models treated in autoclave B-s1,d0 have been cut down from 6-7 weeks to 3-4 weeks. These lead times will be confirmed when the order is formally placed and are valid for orders of up to 250 m², counting from the date of the firm order. These are ex-works lead times, excluding transport times to destination.   The models available with the new lead times are:   Standard Spigoline Grid range (most popular models): - Spigoline Grid 4-30-70-55 - Spigoline Grid 5-15-70-55 - Spigoline Grid 6-30-70-30 - Spigoline Grid 8-15-70-30   Spigoline Grid extended range: - Spigoline Grid 2-15-70-165 - Spigoline Grid 2-30-70-140 - Spigoline Grid 2-30-70-150 - Spigoline Grid 3-30-70-90 - Spigoline Grid 4-15-70-75 - Spigoline Grid 5-30-70-40 . . . If you liked this post about lead times for solid wood slats, you may also be interested in: . - 5 Reasons to install Spigoline solid wood slats - The acoustic performance of Spigoline tiles made of wood slats - Wood slats for wineries: Marqués de Vargas - Using slats on a wall can definitely change the final look of your project
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