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Wood cladding and wood panel installation dest

Spigogroup wood cladding and wood panel installation on ceilings and walls is simple .Therein lies part of the success of Spigogroup products, and that is why we have devoted many lines in this blog to explain the different ways of assembling each model.

In this article, we compile all these posts, which may be particularly interesting for those who have to deal with the installation of Spigoacustic acoustic panels, Spigoline wood slats, Spigoplank decorative wood panels, etc.

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  1. Acoustic panels for quick and easy installation on walls and wood ceilings
  2. Machining and fixtures for wood ceilings and for installing a false ceiling
  3. Wood slats: How to install a Linear System and a Grid System
  4. Wood ceilings - ¿removable ceilings, accessible ceilings or fixed ceilings?
  5. Installation of accessible ceilings, acoustic ceilings or false ceiling
  6. Removable ceilings and safety components
  7. Installation of Spigoacustic wood acoustic panels with the Omega system 
  8. Acoustic removable ceilings - Sound absorption levels
  9. Wood removable ceilings - Materials choices for supporting panel         
  10. Wood sound-absorbing materials: choices and formats for different projects     
  11. Spigogroup wall and ceiling panels: brands and characteristics    
  12. Flame retardant acoustic panels and their classification according to tests carried out on their supports
  13. Installation systems for Spigotec and Spigoacustic absorbent tiles
  14. Finishing options and manufacturing lead times in an accessible ceiling
  15. How to interpret the nomenclature of Spigoacustic sound-absorbing panels       
  16. The 4 types of tiles you can choose for a suspended accessible false ceiling made of wood      
  17. Spigoline doubles the number of items in its catalogue of wood slat panels        
  18. 5 Services that make Spigogroup the best supplier of acoustic panels and wood cladding         
  19. Four wood accessible ceiling tile accessories
  20. Spigogroup acoustic panels are E1 acoustic panels. What does that mean?
  21. ACAE PRESTO and FIEBDC acoustic panels catalogue
  22. 4 Machined fixtures for easy installation of accessible ceilings
  23. Installing decorative panels with Spigoplank
  24. Wood cladding panels – Varnishes and treatments
  25. Spigogroup shortens lead times for its Spigoline solid wood slats



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