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01 Islas de techo acústicas acoustic ceiling islands îlots de plafond acoustiques

The installation of acoustic ceiling islands is often the perfect solution to enhance room acoustics. Acoustic islands are easy and quick to install, and do not pose aesthetics issues. On the contrary, they contribute volume, tastefulness and many different design possibilities for room ceilings.

Spigoart acoustic ceiling islands offer different options according to the sizes, cores and finishes chosen.


  • Sizes: you can choose your acoustic islands in 600 x 600 mm, 1200 x 600 mm and 1200 x 1200 mm sizes. However, at Spigoart we make our own acoustic islands allowing us to cater to any type of project that requires custom sizes.
  • Cores: the core material for the acoustic ceiling islands is available in standard MDF board and fireproof MDF (B-s1, d0).
  • Finishes: Spigoart offers a large number of finishes so that your acoustic islands can be integrated into any decorative project. Melamine finishes can be white, stainless steel, beech, maple, wenge, pear, oak and cherry. Natural wood finishes include beech, oak, cherry, wenge and maple. In addition, you can also opt for lacquered finishes in Ral, NCS, and other colour charts.


For more special projects, Spigoart acoustic islands, just like Spigoart regular acoustic panels and decorative acoustic panels, can be silkscreened with photographs, illustrations and patterns, extending decorative possibilities as far as your imagination wishes to go.




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