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Acoustic conditioning in an assembly room: La Rioja Official Nursing AssociationIt might seem that reverberation only occurs in large auditoriums but it also occurs in smaller meeting rooms, offices and assembly rooms requiring acoustic conditioning.

The project we bring today to our blog is one of the most common and usual instances of acoustic conditioning: acoustic conditioning of an assembly room.

There are thousands of small assembly rooms, with capacities close to 100 people, distributed in different parts of our towns and cities: from the small assembly rooms of colleges, institutes and culture centres, to the small auditoriums of some hotels, including meeting rooms in other institutions like Chambers of Commerce, business associations and professional associations. For many reasons, some of them have a high amount of reverberation which makes it difficult to understand speeches and conversations. Good acoustic conditioning in an assembly room can improve the acoustics of the room and turn it into the perfect place for talks, presentations and lectures.

One of the first projects that we have completed in 2016 is the acoustic conditioning of the assembly room in the headquarters of the La Rioja Official Nursing Association. For this job were used Spigoacustic acoustic panels, model Spigoacustic 28-32-32, finished in white melamine, which, in addition to improving the acoustics of the room, also increased its luminosity, providing a clean, modern look. In addition to the wood panelling on the walls, the doors were also panelled with the same model of acoustic panels.



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