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An acoustic false ceiling is a type of false ceiling that serves to lower the height of the real ceiling but at the same time manages to improve the acoustics in a room.

How do I know if my project needs an acoustic false ceiling?

If a room has echoes or reverberation that make it difficult to understand the conversations that occur inside it, it is advisable to install a sound-absorbent acoustic ceiling to help correct these problems.

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When the original ceiling height allows it, the best option is to decide on a suspended ceiling that, in addition, enables a very useful space for pipes, conduits, cabling and for devices providing, air conditioning, security, home automation and other services. Also, by lowering the ceiling of a room, one reduces the amount of cubic meters of air requiring conditioning, while the air space between the wood suspended ceiling and original ceiling provides heat and sound insulation.

In short: if you want to improve the acoustics in a room, hide cables and pipes, and reduce the energy bill of your building, it is clear that you need to install an acoustic false ceiling. And if you prefer a cosy, warm and elegant style, whether traditional or modern, it is best to opt for an acoustic false ceiling made of wood.

In the case of acoustic false ceilings such as those offered by Spigotec, we can choose from among more than 40 different models with different degrees of acoustic absorption, with the possibility of opting for fireproof or water-repellent substrates, and each of them with finish options in melamine, natural wood, through-dyed MDF, lacquer or HPL.





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