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Acoustic panels for auditoriums: the Disney Film Room at the Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid 2At Spigogroup, we manufacture and supply acoustic panels for auditoriums. There is no doubt that we know a lot about auditoriums. We have been in hundreds of them around the world. Each has its own history. And this is a very special one.

We began to suspect that something was happening when we started to see the silhouette of Mickey Mouse in sketches and drawings. How strange! It was not a normal order of acoustic panels for an auditorium. However, the destination was Madrid's Hospital 12 de Octubre, and that was quite normal. Most, if not all, Spanish hospitals have an auditorium for lectures, seminars and small conferences. But this time it was different.

In this case the Auditorium was not meant for the medical and health staff, but for the younger patients, hospitalized children. It was the first Disney Film Room in Spain, an initiative which is part of the national project “Hospitales de Colores” (Colour Hospitals) set up in Spain by the Disney company. The programme aims to improve the stay of paediatric patients and help them recover by creating an atmosphere of fun and fantasy in the hospital and organising fun activities. Mickey and Minnie Mouse travelled from their European residence in Disneyland Paris to attend the opening ceremony.

For this project we supplied Spigoacustic brand acoustic panels for auditoriums. More specifically, we manufactured and shipped Spigoacustic model 42-16-32 with a melamine cherry finish. The panels are 2,400 x 300 mm and employ a standard 16 mm MDF panel with a machined tongue & groove perimeter.

Do you like how it came out?


Acoustic panels for auditoriums: the Disney Film Room at the Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid 3


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