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Paneles acústicos para juzgados Acoustic panels for courts play a discreet but crucial role in the development of a judicial process. The statements of defendants, victims or witnesses in police stations and courts, presentations of evidence, speeches by lawyers, rulings by jurors, statements of sentences by judges, meetings between lawyers and defendants: a trial involves a chain of events in which that good communication is key to the performance of justice and the defense of people's rights.

Courtrooms, offices, meeting rooms and other rooms in a court must offer the best possible acoustics to ensure that the words spoken inside are perfectly understood. However, sometimes, glass in the accused or press area, a particularly reflective floor or large windows can cause imbalances in the reverberation time, producing that uncomfortable sensation of echoes or overlapping sounds that make it so difficult to understand a message. speech or conversation.

The way to correct the reverberation time will be with correct acoustic conditioning of each room, adjusting the total acoustic absorption of the room using sound-absorbing acoustic panels, such as those manufactured by Spigogroup. These are elegant and discreet wood panels, which, placed as wood cladding on ceilings or walls, achieve the correct and necessary acoustic absorption in each area to achieve maximum acoustic comfort.

Review all the models and finishes available on the pages of our brands Spigoacustic, Spigotec and Spigoline.





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