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paneles acústicos para consultas médicas 1Acoustic panels for doctors' surgeries and waiting rooms go unnoticed by the vast majority of people who go to these places. However, their effect on the room’s acoustic comfort room and, consequently, on the well-being of the patients/clients is significant.

Family doctors, dentists, dermatologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, gynaecologists, paediatricians, orthopaedic surgeons, ENT specialists… the list of medical specialists is endless, but they all have in common that they care for the well being of their patients. They come to medical centres with worries, and they need a soothing environment that helps them cope with their illness or disease.

A major part of the desired comfort in medical surgeries is the acoustics, both in the doctor’s office and in the waiting room. In the specialist's office, it is essential to have acoustics that guarantee clear communication. Proper acoustic conditioning guarantees the absence of reverberations or echoes that make it difficult to understand conversations. In addition, in waiting rooms, we try to attenuate the nervousness of the patient, offering a soothing environment. Wood acoustic panels on walls and/or ceilings provide warmth, serenity and the necessary acoustics for relaxing music to help soothe the patient.

In addition to different degrees of acoustic absorption, as required in each case, acoustic panels offer a wide range of finishes. From natural wood cladding of the highest quality to finishes in melamine, HPL or colour lacquers, with choices in light chromatic ranges, such as whites, greys, or the typical light blues or greens found in surgeries.



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