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01 Paneles acústicos para clínicas veterinarias - El confort acústico en animalesOn more than one occasion we have had the opportunity to provide acoustic panels for veterinary clinics. These places, designed for the healthcare of our pets, look after of every aspect that affects the well-being of their animal patients, and one of them is their acoustic comfort.

Animals have different hearing than humans. For example, dogs and cats have a higher sensitivity to high frequencies. This acute hearing sensitivity leads to the animals reacting more to noises. They are particularly affected by noises that trigger flight and defence responses in many of them, and they can even experience acoustic stress, with the ensuing negative impact on their behaviour. Witness the reaction of dogs to firecrackers and fireworks.

The design and decoration of veterinary clinics with acoustic panels in examination rooms and waiting rooms help achieve the acoustic comfort that our little companions need to recover their health. Controlling reverberation provides a clearer and healthier sound environment that reinforces calm and quietness, which translates into less nervousness, barking, meowing, etc.

Of course, acoustic conditioning of veterinary practices and clinics also benefits the humans working in them, providing a less stressful working space, where it is easier to understand each other and communicate.



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