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Acoustic panels in maple finish are one of the most elegant options offered by Spigogroup's catalogue of wood finishing solutions. It is a wood that conveys quality, with pale red hues and light, almost white sapwood, and it is highly appreciated. When, in addition, acoustic conditioning is sought in order to provide a room with acoustic comfort, acoustic panel cladding with maple or maple finish is the preferred choice.

Following are three wood projects that used Spigogroup maple or maple finish acoustic panels and cladding:


Auditorium of the Qatari Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning

We prepared and shipped 240 m² of Spigoacustic acoustic panels model 42-16-16 with melamine cherry finish, 170 m² of Spigoacustic acoustic panels model 42-NO-16 also finished with cherry melamine and 290 m² of Spigoacustic acoustic panels model 42- 16-16 with maple melamine finish.


Paneles acústicos acabado maple o arce 01 Doha



Salamanca Auditorium

In this project we supplied materials for the multi-purpose rooms and meeting rooms of the building, both in ceilings and walls. Good acoustics, as could not be otherwise, was a priority objective. The acoustic ceilings were designed with Spigotec wood acoustic panels with a central island of Spigoline solid wood slats, in their sound-absorbing models. More specifically, we supplied 150 m² of Spigotec false wood ceilings, model Piscis 25 in maple melamine on standard MDF board with tongue-and-groove machining, and a thickness of 12 mm.


Paneles acústicos acabado maple o arce 02 salamanca



Entrance in Logroño

The project was carried out with Spigoacustic acoustic panels, model SA 28-16-16, and finished in natural varnished maple veneer. In total, more than 200 m² of cladding were installed (with pre-stripping) on the walls, ceilings and the lift casing, as well as the letterboxes and trimming on the lift and corners. Iroko wood junction boxes were also used on the stairs and mirrors, lacquered doors for panelling, and LEDs were placed on staircase perimeters.


Paneles acústicos acabado maple o arce 03 Logroño



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