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Paneles acústicos en tu restaurante 01At your next romantic lunch or dinner with your partner, take a good look around to see if you discover acoustic panels in your restaurant. Acoustic panels are usually those perforated panels that are placed on walls and ceilings. In premises that are committed to design and elegance, they are usually made of wood.

It may seem silly to talk about the acoustics of love but, on the contrary, there is little more important in love than words, sometimes spoken in a whisper. That is why, on our romantic dates, we prefer restaurants with intimate atmospheres, low intensity lights and light, background music, low enough so we can readily convey that phrase we found so hard to bring out or readily catch those words that we long to hear coming out of the lips our beloved.

If you're a restaurant owner, you don't want your dining room to be a din of music and voices constantly trying to rise above one another to make themselves heard by the person in front of them. If you let this happen, you will soon see the number of weekly bookings decline.

The solution is to take care of the acoustic comfort of your business by undertaking proper acoustic conditioning using sound-absorbent wood acoustic panels, thereby keeping the levels of acoustic reverberation under control.

Spigogroup has different types of acoustic solutions in wood, both for ceilings and walls, which you can review in our Spigoacustic, Spigotec or Spigoline catalogues. If you prefer to tell us about your case, you can contact us by writing to

Your bar or restaurant can offer the best acoustics. Your employees, your customers and your bottom line will notice.



paneles acústicos en tu restaurante 02



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