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Today we are compiling the latest blog posts on acoustics, health and sustainability. Spigogroup wood cladding and acoustic panels improve acoustics, protect our health and help care for the environment, and we have written a lot about this. Here are our 20 most recent posts on acoustics, health and sustainability:


1.  5 reasons to use wood if you want to earn BREEAM certification

2.  Spigoacustic and Spigotec A+ wood acoustic panel

3.  Wood and health: 5 benefits of wood for your health

4.  Spigogroup’s Spigoline brand A+ wood slat cladding

5.  Workplace acoustics with flexible, multi-purpose spaces

6.  FSC/PEFC wood acoustic panels: Why are they more environmentally-friendly

7.  What is the fire performance of Spigogroup’s B-s1-d0 wood acoustic panels?

8.  The importance of acoustics in restaurants and bars

9.  Wood acoustic panels combined with rock wool – Sound Absorption Data

10. European wood acoustic panels; Is wood from European forests better?

11. The benefits of acoustic conditioning in hospitals

12. How to distinguish good wood acoustic panels?

13. Acoustic conditioning for videoconferencing rooms, is it necessary?

14. What is acoustic comfort? Is it affected by reverberation? What is acoustic conditioning for?

15. Acoustic conditioning of town halls or council houses

16. Sustainable wood cladding, more than just a fad

17. Acoustic panels in hotels, what do they contribute?

18. Acoustics in schools and speech clarity

19. 5 places in your office where to show your love of wood

20. Office acoustics and work performance


20 artículos sobre acústica, salud y sostenibilidad

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