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Acoustic panels, walls wood interiors, acoustic doors, removable ceilings... There are many issues that we have addressed in the two years that our blog will soon have been online

It seems like yesterday when we decided to open it, and today we have already reached our post No. 100. There was the first, titled "The importance of acoustic conditioning an office environment using sound-absorbent wood" published on 20 February 2013.

We have always liked to keep close tabs on news related to the work of a technical carpentry such as ours, specialising in acoustic panels, wood panelling material for the acoustic conditioning of rooms, buildings and the most varied architectural and decorative projects. We read architecture, decoration and acoustics magazines and blogs, follow interesting professionals and companies on social media, and we wanted to share our discoveries with our friends, clients, and others in the world of architecture, construction and decoration that now are our followers and friends.

In addition, we have done great work all over the world, and we also felt the need for telling people about it and displaying all the results of our daily hard work. Vanity? Narcissism? Well, perhaps a little, yes, but we love our job and we need to talk about it. And thus was how our blog was born. And, since we also needed to know what others think of our work, as well as writing in our blog, we decided to share all our publications on our Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin profiles.

This is our post number 100, which like all others will have versions in English and French, and we want to close it with a very special mention to you, who read it every week and forcefully recommend it on social networks.

To all of you: Thank you very much.


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