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01 Puertas antipinzamiento de dedos para colegios y guarderíasAnti-pinch doors for schools and day care centres are doors that are specially designed to prevent this type of accidents so common among the youngest children. Anti-pinch doors for schools are completely normal doors but with one small difference: from the ground up to an approximate height of 110 cm, they have anti-finger trapping rubber strips on each side; the latch side and the hinge side. The anti-trapping system replaces the part of the doors where fingers get caught with rubber profiles which become deformed when a hand is trapped, thereby avoiding the pressure from the world.

These special doors have been and continue to be the salvation for thousands of small children's fingers that otherwise would have been trapped, by almost completely eliminating the percentage of accidents caused by the interaction of children with doors.

Apart from the rubber protection area, these special doors can have the same finish as any of the technical doors of the Spigodoor family. The most popular options include HPL laminate finishes (high pressure phenolic laminate veneers), maple, beech, cherry or oak veneers, or the possibility of lacquering the doors in any of the colours available in the PANTONE, RAL or NCS charts.

You can also choose the doors with handing criteria. To define the hand of a door, an established rule in IRAM 11505 Part1 regulation is adopted, where the left hand opens with a counterclockwise rotation  movement and right hand opens  with clockwise rotation movement.




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