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A selection of the videos about architecture, architects, construction, urban planning, cities, etc. we like most. Animations, timelapses.

In this blog we talk every week of acoustic panels, wood panelling, technical doors, phenolic sports furniture, and so on. After all, they are the products we manufacture. But we know from our followers on social media that architects, engineers and decorators also like to discover videos about architecture, architects, cities and everything that has to do with their work. We also like that and that is why we would like, just for once, to be the ones to offer those architectural videos which most interest or excite us. Why not? Not everything is going to be talking about acoustic panels!

These are the 10 architectural videos we love:


1.- Chicago architecture summarised in 5 great buildings


Chicago - Five Great Buildings from Al Boardman on


2.- The ABC of Architects


3.- Time Lapse construction site


Time Lapse (construction site) HD from jusojin on Vimeo.


4.- 2026 We build tomorrow



5.- Le Petit Paris


Le Petit Paris from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.


6.- London Time Lapse


London Time Lapse (UHD - 4K) from Mattia Bicchi Photography on Vimeo.


7.- THF “Lego Architecture”


THF "Lego Architecture" from hellopluto on Vimeo.


8.- Colossus by Pat Vale


Colossus by Pat Vale from BigAnimal on Vimeo.


9.- Dubai timelapse


10.- Le Corbusier 2.0


Le Corbusier 2.0 VOST from Alix Bossard A.K.A L'intrépide on Vimeo.




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