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This is a compilation of the latest articles about false ceilings, acoustic panels and wood decoration that we have published in this blog in the last twelve months.

2019 is coming to an end, leaving us over fifty articles that we have published weekly in this space. We have shown some of our best works and we have also looked at other projects on the international scene that serve as a reference to confirm market trends. We have talked about our products, providing detailed information, clarifications and technical explanations, and showcased the wide range of products found in our catalogues. There have been many lines dedicated to dealing with different issues related to architecture, acoustics, decoration, interior design and evolution in the way building takes place, now more ecological and efficient.

These are the 30 articles about false ceilings, acoustic panels and wood decoration that you liked most in 2019


  1. Wood slats for wineries: Marqués de Vargas
  2. Spigotec ceiling panels: advantages they offer and why recommend them for a Project
  3. Why is using wood in your project good for the environment?
  4. The use of wood in new Moroccan Architecture
  5. Colour acoustic panels for decorative projects in shops
  6. Acoustic solutions for hospitals and health centres
  7. 5 Reasons why you should use obeche wood slats in your project
  8. Comprehensive building acoustics: the importance of being able to understand a conversation
  9. Technical ceilings for schools, universities and other educational institutions
  10. What do we all expect from the furniture in locker rooms at sports facilities?
  11. 10 Examples of the use of acoustic tiles for auditoriums
  12. A day at Architect@Work Madrid 2019 seen from the Spigogroup stand
  13. Wood slat panels for offices: the reception hall at Envaplaster
  14. The use of wood cladding and wood ceilings in schools in Austria
  15. 5 Services that make Spigogroup the best supplier of acoustic panels and wood cladding
  16. Technical ceilings for hospitals and medical centres: why is it so easy to integrate equipment and devices
  17. Four advantages of Spigodoor wood doors for interiors
  18. Acoustic panels with natural wood veneer: many more options than you thought
  19. New catalogue of melamine finish acoustic panels and tiles
  20. Eight frequently asked questions about acoustic solutions for offices
  21. Wood fabrics and structures in the interior ceilings of Shigeru Ban’s Project
  22. Five good examples of decorative wood strips and slats on office ceilings
  23. Wood offices: Are they just a fad? What advantages do they offer?
  24. Spigogroup acoustic panels are E1 acoustic panels. What does that mean?
  25. Types of wood and finishes in Spigogroup acoustic panels
  26. New trends in office design: Open Space, better acoustics and more wood
  27. One day in the Spigogroup stand of Batimat 2019
  28. What are flush doors or integrated doors? Why are they liked so much?
  29. The role of wood in green offices
  30. Projects carried out by Spigogroup in 2019

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