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Spigogroup specialises in both acoustic and aesthetic wood solutions for the construction and decoration industries (Spigotec, Spigoacustic and Spigoline). When we launched our wood technical doors manufacturing and marketing division, Spigodoor, we saw a clear need to offer a line of acoustic doors to help enclosure soundproofing projects and to complete acoustic conditioning actions which, on other occasions, are carried out to control reverberation in some rooms. Since then, hundreds of professionals come to us, not only to buy acoustic doors, but also for advice on solving acoustics problems in project and we wanted to use our website to lend a hand.

217 EN Comprar puertas acústicas de madera buy acoustic doors acheter des portes acoustiquesIn the recent renewal of our online space devoted to technical doors, Spigodoor has enabled an exclusive section for acoustic doors. This site collects the information most demanded by acoustics and construction professionals on wood acoustic doors that need: levels of soundproofing, types of finishes available, standard sizes (pane and opening sizes) and manufacturing lead times.

In addition, you can download the PDF version of the Spigodoor Acoustic Doors Sound Series with a graphical overview of all the information you need to buy acoustic doors including types of fittings and accessories available, handing criteria, special systems, etc.

If you need to buy wood acoustic doors, visit the new Spigodoor acoustic doors website (GO TO WEB)





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