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001 229 EN Comprar Puertas Cortafuego buy fire doors acheter des portes coupe-feuOften, a construction professional or interior designer has to buy fire doors because they are looking for the fire protection they offer and also because they are required to do so by safety regulations.

Professionals need to have as much information as possible about fire doors FR Doors in a flexible and complete fashion. That is why at Spigogroup we wanted to gather all the information available on our Spigodoor wood fire doors and offer together in an organised fashion through a new section devoted exclusively to the Spigodoor Fire Series.

In this new site, which can be accessed directly from the Spigogroup website, you can learn the main features of the RF30 (EI1 30-C5) models, which achieve a fire resistance of 30 minutes, and the RF60 (EI1 60-C5) model, which achieves a fire resistance of 60 minutes, both compliant to the UNE-EN 13501-2; 2009 + A1 standard.

To help in your decision to buy fire doors, you may also need information on available finishes, standard sizes (both of the opening and the door) as well as manufacturing lag times for these doors depending on the type of finishing required. In this site you will be able to obtain all this information and, if you wish, you can also download the technical data sheet of the Spigodoor fire doors; a single document extending all this technical information with details on handing criteria, fixtures and available accessories, special systems, etc.


If you need to buy fire doors,

visit the new Spigodoor fire doors website



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