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Carpintería Paco - Spigogroup recibe el certificado CIEGE a la Gestión Excelente Carpintería Paco - Spigogroup has been distinguished with the CIEGE certificate for Excellent Management which accredits its solvency and good management with clients, suppliers, employees, financial institutions and other players in the business and commercial world.

The CIEGEaward, which was created by the business information portal Informa D&B and the business newspaper, is awarded after passing a complete and exhaustive analysis to assess the overall business management of each nominee. In this sixth edition there were 2.591 submissions, but only 83 companies, including Carpintería Paco - Spigogroup, managed to surpass the required score. In the selection process, certified companies had to pass 57 indicators in 10 different categories: solvency, profitability, growth, human resources, internationalisation, sustainability, customer satisfaction, innovation, commercial risk management and digitalisation.

According to CIEGE, the 83 certified companies have an average credit rating of 13 out of 20, representing a medium-low business risk. In 2022, these companies increased their average number of employees by 19%, while 68% of their workforce were given training that year.

Sergio Oliván, Spigogroup sales manager, stated that “the CIEGE certificate distinguishes us from the competition, while at the same time being a major stimulus to continue with the strategy of continuous improvement in our processes, products and customer services, which has always characterised us.”

Carpintería Paco - Spigogroup is a technical carpentry company based in La Rioja that specialises in the design and manufacture of acoustic panels and interior wood cladding, partnering with the top architecture and decoration studios around the world.

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Carpintería Paco - Spigogroup recibe el certificado CIEGE a la Gestión Excelente






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