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CasaDecor2021 02

Wood and acoustics are, right now, one of the trends in interior design. A quick visit to CasaDecor2021 helped us confirm this.

A few days ago we visited the 56th edition of CasaDecor, the leading exhibition of interior design, design, trends and lifestyle. CasaDecor2021 was held in the spectacular Casa de Tomás Allende, in Madrid, bringing together nearly 200 participants.

After more than 40 years working in the decoration/acoustics binomial for auditoriums, offices and cultural or institutional buildings, we were pleased to discover that the trend was shifting towards housing and living spaces. We saw panels, room partitions and wall cladding for the home, which aim to ensure proper acoustic comfort, without breaking with the aesthetics of each project. Will home offers that include wood panelling or acoustic panels in hallways, corridors, living rooms or dining rooms become popular, just like pre-installations for sound and air conditioning systems, armoured doors and other services?

There is a clear tendency to move from straight wood slats to curved shapes, such as those offered by Spigoplank decorative wood panels (See model 4). This is particularly so with paint-ready MDF, which allows for perfect integration of cladding with the walls of the house. We also confirmed that wood retains its strength as one of the most important materials for decoration and we discovered that the use of paper is gaining strength in decoration as well.










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