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Christmas does not go unnoticed. You're in your day-to-day life, your job, your personal routines and suddenly... Bam!, there it is again: Christmas.

It is true that if we consider the business calendar, Christmas seems to start sooner every year. To be more precise, the Christmas campaign started the first week in November. In some shop windows Santa Clauses, reindeer and snowflakes coexisted with Halloween pumpkins, witches and vampires. Some go and others come.

But Christmas really begins when, with the Christmas city lights already in place, you realize that the children are soon going on holiday, the Christmas lottery approaches and you know you are about to gather with relatives and friends whom you may have not seen for quite some time. Christmas is when you decide you have to take some days off from work to be with your family, and when you think about the gifts you will give yourself, or will it be that man with white whiskers? or the three Magi? Each one has their own Christmas but we all notice when it arrives.

The Spigogroup team is doing its usual work, surrounded by architectural and decoration drawings, models of acoustic panels, and models of wood slats, purchase orders, preparing shipments, receiving material for the factory, to sum up, our daily tasks. But we have been noticing the approach of Christmas for some days now. You can tell from smiles directed at our colleagues, or at a wood panel or at the report we have on screen. It is the smile of these days, the smile of knowing that Christmas is here.

The Spigogroup Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017

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