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lamas o listones de madera en la decoración de portalesThe benefits of using wood slats in decoration of foyers are diverse. On the one hand, wood is a sustainable material that contributes to reducing the building carbon footprint. It is durable and, with proper care it can last a long time. In addition, its natural beauty and versatility fit in with different home designs and styles, enhancing the look of the foyer. But, above all, wood brings warmth and distinction, making the first space seen by a visitor to a building elegant and welcoming; a place you want to enter.

When renovating or refurbishing foyers and offices, wood slats are often used in walls and ceilings. They are often also used to conceal luminaires, sensors, cameras or other automation systems.

Spigoline brand wood slat cladding offers four different types of systems for use in foyer decoration: those consisting of parallel wood slats joined together (either by wood rods in the GRID system or by crossbeams or cross slats in the LINEAL system); a ACOUSTIC system on a sound-absorbing wood acoustic panel; and a PET system using 100% recycled PET felt insulation.

In this Bilbao building foyer designed by ARKrea architectural services and installed by Repair Estructuras, 60 m² of Spigoline Grid 4-30-70-55 with black rods with PSM R12509 finish and standard varnish were installed.

The result, as you can see, is spectacular.


lamas o listones de madera en la decoración de portales 2



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