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Decorative wood panels are one of the oldest known aesthetic resources to turn a room into a warm and comfortable place. We manufacture wood panels and although architectural development offers new construction materials and new designs every day, in the end, to a greater or lesser extent, we always end up using wood panelling to decorate some space.

Fashions and tastes are changing and decorative wood panels adapt and offer new possibilities: curved panels in different wood finishes, colour mixing, etc., but what will the decorative wood panels of the future be like?

A few months ago they inaugurated a truly amazing space at the Cabrini Children’s Centre in the Cabrini Hospital in Malvern, Victoria (Australia). They wanted to convert some areas of the hospital in a reception area for their young patients with a calm and positive atmosphere and they created this proposal, halfway between art and technology, which allows one, thanks to the use of LEDs, to project interactive visual material on the wood inner linings of the hospital corridors. Is best seen in the following video.



Technological development progresses at a rapid pace and it is true that soon, any type of panel, made of any materials, will surely offer a similar interactive experience to a TV or touchscreen. If we go even further, virtual reality and, later, holography offer us all these possibilities without even needing the support of a panel.

In the future decorative wood panels will undoubtedly integrate other technologies that allow them to offer many added advantages but especially at the end when we turn the OFF button, we will have a room with the warmth, balance, feeling of comfort and elegance provided by wood.


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