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Proyectos decorativos con madera

We haven't stopped. In spite of everything that has happened throughout this year, this blog has faithfully continued with its weekly publication of posts on acoustics and decorative wood projects.

Of course, we have had to take on board the new developments that the new pandemic situation has brought us. Therefore, we have not only written about acoustic panels, wood slats or acoustic conditioning, but we have also dealt with issues such as hygiene or teleworking. In addition, we have presented new products and shown some of our latest work.

These are the top 25 posts on acoustics and decorative wood projects in 2020.



Adjusting to the new normal

- How does wood decoration and interior design affect us?

- Post Covid-19 Acoustics: masks, social distancing and acoustic conditioning

- The role of phenolic cabins for companies in the new health and safety regulations

- Teleworking in architecture in the time of COVID-19 coronavirus: 5 guidelines

- Acoustics in coworking spaces

- Hospital architecture and wood

- School lockers are more necessary than ever

- Improve acoustics and eliminate annoying noise in restaurants, bars and hotels

- For a good cleaning of sports furniture and changing rooms, does it matter what material they are made of?

- Spigogroup joins the EActivate movement

- Advantages of false ceilings that are still true with the new normal




- 5 occasions when Spigoplank is your wood panelling of choice

- Installing decorative panels with Spigoplank

- The wood of Spigoplank decorative panels for walls and ceilings

- Spigoplank decorative wood cladding



2020 projetcs

- Blue lacquered wood decorative cladding in The Sacred Auditorium

- Wood in shop decoration: the Mikonos case

- Wood slats in schools: the case of Centro de Estudios Garrigues

- Wood slats, cladding and doors for wineries: the case of Zinio Bodegas Patrocinio

- Veneer and technical doors at the new Logroño Nursing School

- The wood slat ceilings for offices in the Alava Medical Association

- Wood soundproofing materials to finish off a good Project

- Acoustic panels in Al Dahil residential complex, Doha, Qatar

- Wood slat cladding for restaurants: the Kavanova restaurant case

- Wood ceilings for museums: the Hall of Mayors of Bilbao City Hall




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