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Paneles ecológicos con listones SPIGOLINE PET 01This year, Spigogroup has launched its ecological panels with slats (solid wood slats) Spigoline PET, made of ayous and with high thermal and acoustic performance. In these few months we have gained the recognition of acoustics and decoration professionals but, what makes these panels particularly beautiful and elegant?

The new SPIGOLINE PET is an acoustic panel with a modern and timeless design that combines solid natural obeche wood slats arranged in parallel with an eco-friendly insulating panel with high thermal and acoustic performance, made of 80% recycled polyester fibres, 100% recyclable and with a low carbon footprint.

The key to its success, compared to other options on the market, is precisely the use of solid ayous wood, instead of other options with significant aesthetic differences based on MDF or chipboard.

Furthermore, from a technical point of view, using wood slats or solid ayous wood laths offers the important advantage that the finished product is much lighter, weighing less than half the weight of panels with MDF laths finished in melamine, veneered or lacquered.

In terms of aesthetic appeal, using solid ayous wood stained in our client’s preferred shade or using MDF or chipboard is decisive for the final appearance of the wall or ceiling on which we want to intervene. Spigoline PET solid wood has the same appearance on all sides of the lath: on the front and also on the sides. This is not the case with MDF or chipboard strips that leave the sides with the chipboard or fibreboard base exposed to view. These pictures clearly show the difference. The solid wood slat panels of ayous wood provide us with:

  • uniformity on all three visible sides: front and sides.
  • uniformity is perceived from any point of view.
  • the ensemble offers order, elegance and decorative harmony.
  • the light behaviour and colour nuances are the same on all three visible surfaces.
  • it can also be stained in different wood shades or RAL/NCS colours.
  • it can also be flame retardant.
  • they are very light and easy to install.

In any case, should a project require it, SPIGOLINE PET also offers the possibility of making it with laths on an MDF base support. And if you have any doubts, let us advise you. Tell us about your particular case by writing to





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