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Arquitectura educacional2A few days ago we received the news that the renovation of the Sagasta Secondary School in Logroño had been shortlisted for the BigMat 2023 international architecture awards. We were already proud to be part of this great educational architecture project, but now we are thrilled to know that it has been chosen from among 850 projects from seven European countries as one of the 14 finalists for this prestigious award.

Spigogroup played a major role in the integral refurbishment and renovation project of the emblematic Sagasta Institute, with various commissions in different parts of the building.

We took care of interior wood cladding, manufacturing and installing wall and ceiling cladding in different formats and finishes: walnut, white lacquer and formica compact. We also manufactured and installed solid wood slat cladding, Spigoacustic wood acoustic panels and other wooden elements, including floors, stands, plinths, skirting boards, skirting boards, cupboards, benches, handrails and door frames.

We also made and installed some of the acoustic doors for the new Sagasta Institute, in tune with the general line of the project where light-coloured finishes abounded, and we designed and custom-manufactured, phenolic panel cubicles and lockers.

The awards ceremony will take place in November, in Seville, when we will know the jury's decision for the BMIAA'23 International Grand Prizes for Architecture and for Small Scale Residential Architecture, 7 National Prizes in each category and the Special Mention for Young Architects.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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