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Wood plays a very important role in hospital architecture. It is hardly surprising. After all, the objective of hospital architecture is to design buildings that will temporarily house people who need to improve their health. In fact, the word hospital, comes from the Latin hospes, which means guest. And the comfort and well-being that wood can bring to hospital ‘guests’ can be crucial for the healing of their ailment.


Wood improves mood and helps to heal

The materials chosen in hospital design do not only participate in the global image of the hospital. A simple wood panelling can make an active contribution to people's health. The use of wood panels and wood ceilings lessens the starkness of the typical hospital white and metal environments. Wood provides calmness and serenity. It creates the illusion that the building protects us.


Practical design

Another of the main characteristics of a hospital is its practicality and the need to be efficient. Wood transcends the merely aesthetic to offer, in addition, valuable contributions in other aspects such as, for example, acoustics. Wood interior cladding, acoustic panels and false ceilings used in common areas such as corridors, waiting rooms, consulting rooms or dining rooms can significantly improve your acoustic comfort.



Safety is another dimension of hospital architecture in which wood also has a lot to say. Wood cladding treated for fire resistance in combination with FR technical doors/fire doors can solve part of the fire safety needs sought by today's hospital architecture.



02 La arquitectura de hospitales y la madera Hospital architecture and wood Architecture hospitalière et bois.


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