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acondicionamiento acústico de hoteles 01If you are the owner or director of a hotel establishment you already know: hotel acoustic conditioning is crucial to guarantee the comfort of your guests.

Many hotels, hostels, inns, guest houses and similar types of accommodation suffer from high levels of reverberation and background noise. The most common reason is that hotel common areas (reception, lounges, corridors, etc.) usually have highly reflective materials, such as mirrors, ceramics or glass, which cloud the acoustics of the room.

The solution lies in the acoustic conditioning of the hotel, which involves the study and installation of absorbent materials to ensure control of reverberation, thus guaranteeing the desired acoustic comfort. These materials should be seamlessly integrated into the design of the various hotel spaces without drawing attention to themselves.

Spigogroup offers the widest range of wooden acoustic panels for hotel acoustic conditioning. These wood acoustic panels can be easily and conveniently installed on the ceilings and/or walls of each room, as needed to enhance the acoustics of each space. Additionally, wood is a warm and elegant material that discreetly adds a degree of distinction to the overall design of a hotel. Alternatively, if the hotel design requires it, these panels can also be used with finishes in any desired tone, texture, or color.





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