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Instalación de revestimientos de lamas de madera maciza del sistema GRID Solid wood slat cladding is an elegant and versatile choice for any decorating project. Their natural beauty brings warmth and a high level of distinction to any space, while allowing for multiple design options. That is why they are so widely used in offices, professional practices, hotel receptions, shops, etc. However, another key to their success is the speed and ease of installation.

One of the most widespread systems of installing wood slats is the GRID system employed by Spigoline, the solid wood slat cladding division of Spigogroup. Grid System consists of parallel solid wood slats and joined with wood rods. It can be installed both on walls and ceilings:



Ceiling Installation

Anchoring system based on positioning of Spigoline grills through T15 profile structure and U clips which act as hooks.

The assembly procedure is as follows: When it is installed on a ceiling, square or rectangular wood slats, are crossed by a tube that joins them together in parallel leaving a regular free space between each slat. Then, wood slats are fitted using a U-shaped locking clip that holds them to a T15 rail that has been previously mounted on the ceiling.




Wall Installation

Fast and effective anchoring system based on positioning so Spigoline grills though U clips on wooden spacer.

The assembly procedure is as follows: When a Grid System of wood slats is applied to walls, an Ω-shaped clamp is screwed onto a wood batten that has been previously fitted on the wall.




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