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Acoustic conditioning and insulation with wood have filled many lines of text in recent months on our specialised blog on acoustics and interior design. We've discussed our new models of acoustic panels, the projects where we've installed our interior wood cladding, and why wood is currently the king of construction materials. Here are the 21 articles that you liked the most:


  1. Acoustics in wine tasting rooms: the case of Bodegas Riojanas
  2. The importance of acoustics in coliving or cohousing
  3. Acoustic conditioning in building renovation
  4. Acoustic panels in maple finish: 3 good examples of their use
  5. Spigogroup extends its acoustic panels outlet with new models
  6. Acoustic panels for Lezkairu Health Centre
  7. What are micro-perforated acoustic panels? How many models are there?
  8. Acoustic conditioning of classrooms: calculation of reverberation time and recommendations
  9. Spigogroup launches new wood slat cladding with PET felt insulation
  10. Customised acoustic panels made to measure according to the requirements of each project.
  11. Acoustic panels for press rooms: press room at the Ministry of Justice in Madrid
  12. Flexible wood slat cladding: so acoustics does not limit creativity
  13. Acoustic panels for exhibition halls, museums and galleries
  14. Artificial intelligence, acoustics and architecture
  15. Aesthetic advantages of Spigoline PET system wood slat insulation
  16. Acoustic panels for veterinary clinics – Acoustic comfort for animals
  17. Wood slat acoustic panels for increased acoustic confort
  18. 6 frequently asked questions about solid wood slat insulation panels
  19. Interior design of hotels: the importance of acoustics in hotel reception areas
  20. Request a quotation for acoustic panels and wood panelling
  21. Definition of acoustic conditioning and soundproofing, what is the difference?




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