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An interior design project requires proper organisation that takes into account all the work and trades necessary to achieve the desired end result, as well as the budget and final duration of each of the phases and of the final job as a whole.

The first requirement for a smooth refurbishment or interior design project is to draw up a good, realistic, complete work schedule which coordinates the intervention of each professional and is ready for unforeseen events.

Likewise, it is essential to make the right selection of suppliers to assure the final quality and compliance with the agreed deadlines for the completion of the work. The consequences of not meeting deadlines can be disastrous:


  • Delays in subsequent stages of the project that will affect other trades.
  • Expiration of temporary sections of the building permit before completion of the work.
  • Penalties for late delivery of work.
  • Client mistrust and not being considered for future jobs.
  • Delays in the start of business activities in the case of retail design projects.
  • Cost overruns due to increased fixed costs, such as rent, insurance, etc.


That is why, when a project requires acoustic panels or wood cladding, leading architectural and interior design studios recommend Spigogroup. At Spigogroup we manufacture products of the highest recognised quality and, in addition, we supply them with commitment and reliability, always complying with agreed lead times.



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