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Sometimes, when we talk about interior doors for schools, we are not aware of the different types of doors that one can install and the importance of choosing the right one for decorative as well as technical reasons.

Universities, colleges, schools and other educational institutions are facilities which are used by hundreds of people every day. They may have many different technical requirements so there are many different types of technical doors that can be used: acoustic doors, fire doors, special doors, etc. The aesthetic requirements will also be very different, depending on each project. However, what they will have in common is that they are doors used by adults, children, teenagers and young adults. Sometimes they will treat them well, and sometimes not. That is why they have to be resistant.

Following are pictures of two projects by Spigodoor, the Spigogroup brand of technical doors, that can guide you on your next project:


Irabia-Izaga School

We installed wood doors of the Basic Board series with HPL finish, FR doors of the Fire RF-60 HPL series with a solid edge, doors with a natural varnish oak veneer consisting of a pine door lining and solid exterior doors made of varnished oak.







Logroño University School of Nursing

As in the previous case, we took into account the intense daily use that was foreseen for the facilities but, this time, we opted for white phenolic compact for the doors.

We manufactured and assembled 50 Spigodoor technical doors finished in compact white phenolic veneer and installed mostly as flush doors, also called integrated doors or invisible doors. There are also FR 60 fire doors, some of which are equipped with hydraulic springs and panic bars.







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