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We already have everything well organized for when we return: all orders are sorted by delivery date and warehouses full of wood and materials to restart the manufacture of our acoustic panels, wood panelling and technical doors. The design and R & D departments have made the last calculations of the projects that will keep us busy during the first days of 2019. The map of our export department already shows the next countries where we will shortly arrive with our wood acoustic conditioning solutions, and the marketing department already knows the actions that will take place in the coming months. Everything is ready for the return.

Soon we will return to work, but now it's time to celebrate Christmas.

For a few days our vehicles will rest in the shelter of our facilities, the saws and lathes will stop working, the computers will sleep and have cybernetic dreams and the phones will only receive a few calls that will be answered upon return. We will exchange them for sleds and camels, for crèches, Christmas trees and lights. We will be with family and friends, giving and receiving gifts, singing, eating and drinking at the same table, enjoying hobbies and the rest we have earned during the year.

We will return with renewed strength, perhaps with some new idea to improve our product catalogue, with better plans and new projects.

Soon we will return to work but now, it's time to celebrate Christmas.

The Spigogroup team wishes you happy Christmas holidays and an exciting 2019

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