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Spigocompac is Spigogroup's line of cabins and lockers for schools, universities, gyms, hospitals and companies, and it was also chosen for the comprehensive refurbishment and renovation project of the Práxedes Mateo Sagasta Secondary School in Logroño.

The products manufactured by Spigogroup under the Spigocompac brand are manufactured with phenolic board, a high pressure laminate consisting with several layers of kraft paper pressed at high temperatures to form a laminate, with a thickness of 12 mm in the case of Spigocompac. This is the material of choice when manufacturing sports furniture because of its particularly robust performance against daily use, scratches and impact, in facilities that, like this school, receive hundreds of people every day. It also offers antibacterial properties, is very easy to clean and maintain, and stands out for its resistance to moisture and fire.

In the new Práxedes Mateo Sagasta school we designed and manufactured different components with phenolic panel. 6 mm phenolic compact cladding was installed on this occasion in white formica F-1040 and F-6930, some even combining both references, F-1040 on interior faces and F-6930 on exterior faces. We manufacture and install phenolic cabins with compact formica F7923, phenolic lockers with 19 and 16 mm white melamine with perforated backs and doors in compact F-6930 of 12 mm, engraved with a correlative number for identification.

The result is the perfect combination of looks, usability and durability.


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