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Technical doors, wood slats, inner linings, acoustic panels, phenolic booths, wood ceilings, FR doors…

There are many terms related to acoustic conditioning, and the products and services of a technical carpentry, which have appeared throughout 2014 in this blog and our Facebook, Twitter, G +, Linkedin and Pinterest profiles. The same terms and other similar ones have also occupied the thoughts and conversations of the professionals who make up the team at Spigogroup and its carpentry divisions, Carpentry Paco, Spigotec, Spigoacustic, Spigolo, Spigoline, Spigodoor and Spigocompac over the last year.

Looking back to the twelve months that are now ending, we can be proud of having had the honour of being part of the dreams of our customers one more year. New architectural and decorative spaces, major wood projects in auditoriums, wineries, schools, gastropubs, restaurants, companies, offices and public buildings from around the world have been the scenarios of our work.

But now, without missing your appointment, the holiday season approaches and it's time to use other terms which are far more important, such as family, friendship, love, generosity, joy, and also nostalgia for what we miss, and emotion and gratitude for what we win and maintain.

With the excitement of Christmas and the intentions and renewed hope in the new year, the Spigogroup team wants to wish you a


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