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The year 2021 is leaving us. With its lights and shadows, it has been a year of hope, in which we have won major battles against the pandemic. However, we have also come to realise that the struggle to recover that longed-for normality will be long and hard.

During these months, we have talked with clients, partners and friends about commitment and the future, always with optimism and with that positive attitude that defines us. We firmly believe in our ability to face great challenges, even greater than the ones we are facing today. We have no doubt, not even for an instant, that, with effort and perseverance, we will be able to overcome all our difficulties and attain our goals.

We renew our commitment to the evolution and development of acoustic and decorative solutions in wood for the coming year. We steadfastly uphold our goal to participate in the creation of increasingly comfortable and attractive spaces. Our unwavering commitment to help make this planet a more comfortable and more sustainable place also remains unchanged. It is well worth it. Our world is fascinating. You just have to look at it through the right lens.

Now the Christmas season is upon us. We will fondly remember those who are no longer with us and welcome the new ones who are celebrating their first Christmas with us. We will enjoy the little things that really matter, which become relevant precisely at Christmas. Afterwards we will restart our activity full of strength and anticipation.

At Spigogroup, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022.



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