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As you know, the acoustic panels and wood panelling we manufacture at Spigogroup and supply to our clients consist of two different parts: a thick base that offers solidity and resistance, and a fine layer of finish that provides warmth and beauty.

If we compare the year that is ending now with an acoustic panel we can find certain parallels. And, if we consider the whole year as the solid base that supports our day to day, then the Holiday Season could be that finish that decorates the last stretch of the year, embellishing it and giving it a final layer of love, magic and hope.

Therefore, as we always do on these dates, at Spigogroup we are going to take a break in our work routine to enjoy the perfect “finish” for 2019. We will stop with dozens of national and international projects on the list of objectives met, and many others to conclude over the next year. Machines, telephones and delivery trucks will see their frantic activity interrupted, leaving room for conversations, laughter, meals with family and friends, gifts, details and moments of affection and complicity.

At Spigogroup, we also wish you a perfect “finish” for the year that leaves us and a solid start for 2020, full of projects to share together.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020



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