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The perfect gym locker hast to fight for its survival every day in premises with high humidity levels and a continuous flow of users. For this reason, not just any material or finish is suitable for its manufacture, because it has to be particularly resistant.

These are the six features required by that perfect gym lockers:

    1. It must be made of phenolic panel, a material with low porosity that is highly resistant, behind a major part of the virtues of this type of sports furniture.
    2. High scratch and impact resistance. This feature is key for a piece of furniture that will have to withstand the continuous opening and closing of its doors by the hands of different people, as well as constant rubbing against buckles, zippers, keys and other metal parts that users carry with them.
    3. Moisture resistant. Phenolic lockers are used in shower and changing room areas, where there is a high level of humidity in the environment. In addition, it is in constant contact with damp clothes, which are often stored inside it.
    4. Easy cleaning. The non-porous surface of phenolic lockers makes them very easy to keep clean. They are made of an antibacterial, non-corrosive material that repels dirt and is also highly resistant to everyday chemicals and cleaning products.
    5. They are fireproof, with treatments that make them particularly resistant to fire.
    6. Different models and finishes: Spigocompac's phenolic lockers catalogue offers different configurations of 1800 mm x 300/400 mm x 500 mm locker modules in white, grey, red, yellow, blue or green (although you can choose any other finish required by your project, if you wish).


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