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213 L cabinas fenólicas para colegios cabines phénoliques pour écoles phenolic cabins for colleges There is no piece of furniture subjected to more abuse than those used by children, teenagers or adolescents, and there is no furniture more resistant to shocks than that made of phenolic panel. That is why schools across the world employ phenolic lockers and phenolic cabins for schools.

Toilet cubicles, shower cubicles and changing cubicles are delimited spaces found in all changing rooms. If one includes them in the “furniture” category, one had to admit that they are the simplest pieces of furniture one can imagine: four walls, a door and little else. The particular trait of sanitary cubicles and phenolic cabins for schools is their hardness and resistance:


  • Extreme resistance to moisture, even when in direct and continuous contact with water, as in Phenolic cabins for showers. Undoubtedly, this is the first and most important of the advantages of phenolic sports furniture, and also of phenolic cabins for schools.
  • Resistance to shocks, door slamming and massive use: This feature is essential in sports furniture in schools, universities and schools. Okay, one cannot generalise, but one must admit that sanitary cubicles for schools and changing cubicles in universities are much more likely to suffer mistreatment or misuse than in any other type of building. Furthermore, phenolic cabins are particularly resistant to scratching, wear and contact with chemicals.
  • Resistance to dirt: since the phenolic panel used to make phenolic cabins for schools is non porous, dirt does not penetrate, it is antibacterial, anti-corrosive and easy to keep clean.




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