001 Cabinas fenólicas para duchas phenolic cabins for showers cabines phénoliques de doucheThe different types of phenolic cabins for showers have one material in common: phenolic panel. Therefore, the benefits of the different types of phenolic cabins for showers are similar: great durability against frequent use, denting or scratching, easy to clean, resistance to cleaning products and, above all, resistance to water and humidity. The result is so good that this same material is also used to manufacture of other pieces of sports furniture such as phenolic lockers, phenolic benches or phenolic partitions.

But beyond the material with which they are manufactured, which is the same in all cases, there are two types of phenolic cabins for showers, open and closed. The difference lies in the privacy they offer users.

003 Cabinas fenólicas para duchas phenolic cabins for showers cabines phénoliques de doucheClosed phenolic cabins for showers consist of a partitioned space with phenolic panel walls and a door that can be closed, with a lock and a visor to show whether they are free or not, in order to fully preserve the privacy of the user. Depending on the design of the cabin, there may be a separation inside between a dressing area, sometimes also equipped with a bench, and the shower area proper. At other times, a simpler version is used, only fitted with a hanger for the towel and a holder for the soap.

Open phenolic cabins for showers on the other hand, do not have a door and, although they offer a separation between showers, the level of privacy provided is lower.


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