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Phenolic cabins for toy libraries destIn addition to phenolic cabins for toy libraries, at La Atalaya toy library in Logroño we also take care of other constructive and decorative elements in wood.

La Atalaya toy library built by Aransa Construccion y Obra Civil, opened its doors for the 2021-22 school year in Logroño’s Valdegastea neighbourhood. Half toy library and half youth centre, from the outside it is easily identifiable by its toy-like architecture, with coloured cubes on the façades.

As always happens in this type of building, one of their first needs was to equip it with our sport furniture Spigocompac brand phenolic cabins for toy libraries and schools. We manufacture them in 2.00 metre high, 12 mm compact board of thermosetting resins, stainless steel fittings and finished in formica system colour range.

We also manufacture and install Spigodoor Basic Light series wood doors with smooth leaves, with HPL formica laminate finish, black PVC edges, pine-wood door lining, chrome fittings and plate handles with silent lock.

We also do some bespoke carpentry work, such as the 30 mm spruce board cladding and 200 m² of tongue-and-groove floorboards, which we manufactured and installed in the interior trim of the window openings of the façade cubes. The same wood was used to make the counter in the area between the offices and the lobby.

The work was completed with phenolic board cladding and other carpentry work on skirting boards, wardrobe fronts, general furniture, as well as melamine plywood worktops and other 15 mm OBS panelling.


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