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We have already mentioned on other occasions today’s widespread use of phenolic lockers and phenolic cabins in toilets and changing rooms in buildings of all kinds, particularly those for public use.

A picture of any change room shows phenolic lockers for storing clothing and sports bags, phenolic cabins for showers, toilets and changing, phenolic benches with coat racks and phenolic urinary partitions for urinals. But the use of phenolic boards in toilets and changing rooms goes further: washbasins.

Phenolic tops to complement phenolic partitions and phenolic cabinsOne of the most interesting properties of phenolic panel is its resistance to moisture so, what better place to use it than in the area surrounding washbasins? What better target for phenolic tops than washbasins?

Phenolic tops suffer constant water splashes from the taps in washbasins in any bathroom. This continuous exposure to liquid and humidity also produces dirt and corrosion, but the performance of phenolic tops is optimal in these circumstances because of the phenolic panel used to make them, which is antibacterial, non-corrosive and has a non-porous surface that repels moisture and is very easy to maintain.

Therefore, phenolic tops, together with phenolic partitions and phenolic cabins , are the Spigocompac products which are most in demand. Among other reasons because, just as lockers or phenolic benches are used in changing rooms and sports buildings, sets comprising phenolic cabins , phenolic tops and phenolic urinary partitions are much more widespread and used in toilet areas in most buildings open to the public (offices, airports, shopping centres, schools, hospitals, universities, restaurants, institutional buildings, residences, sports centres, etc.).


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