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400 posts on architectural acoustics and wood decorationThis post is number 400 of our posts on architectural acoustics and wood decoration One post a week, every week, published in English, French and Spanish, adds up. Yes, indeed, we started seven and a half years ago, back in February 2013, with the first post on The importance of acoustic conditioning in an office environment using sound-absorbent Wood. Since then, we have linked 400 uninterrupted weeks sharing projects, ideas, dreams and information related to acoustic conditioning with wood acoustic panels.

But we didn’t just write about acoustics. In fact, the real and absolute focal point of our narrative is wood. This stately material that welcomes those of us who work in the Spigogroup factory and offices every morning, enveloping us in its fragrance, filling our visual horizon in the form of orders for panels and wood slats that are waiting to leave the warehouse for different projects in Europe, Africa or the Middle East, has also been present in each of our publications.

During these years, we have seen the crowning of wood as the absolute king among materials used in architecture. Not only because of its decorative versatility, but also because of its ecological character and its rebirth as a material suitable for completing the entire construction process, even down to small skyscrapers. And in these posts we have featured the most incredible wood projects. Some, we are proud to say, made with wood panelling, slats, panels from our own workshops.

Do keep reading our posts. And we will continue writing them. It’s a promise.

See you on the Spigogroup Blog.



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